Model 65

Affordable Solution For Non-Flammable Gases

The MODEL 65 is a Percent Oxygen Analyzer for non-flammable gases in a general purpose environment. The unit functions as a standalone sensor and utilizes zirconium oxide sensor technology to deliver reliable readings that are not affected by barometric or temperature changes. Being offered as a low cost solution, the MODEL 65 cannot connect to the COMMAND CENTER software or access any AMI advanced features.

Technical Specifications

Physical & Electrical Specifications
<1 lbs (0.5 kg)Integrated as a Standalone Oxygen Sensor
7 - 28VDC (nominally 24VDC)
model-65 dimensions
Warranty: 2 years for parts and labor. 2 years for the zirconium oxide sensor.
Operational Specifications
0 – 25.0%0 – 50.0%
0 – 90.0%
0°F to 130°F
(18°C to 54°C)
0.1 to 5.0 SCFH
Sensor & Analyzer Performance Specifications
<13 sec±1% of range or
±0.2 ppm of oxygen,
whichever is greater
Pollution degree 2, Installation category II
Analyzer Key Features
  • Zirconium Oxide Sensors (note: sensor is not field replaceable)

Features & Benefits

MODEL 65 Percent Oxygen Probe

MODEL 65 Percent Oxygen Probe

The MODEL 65 Percent Oxygen Probe is a perfect low cost, rugged, compact solution for OEM applications or integration into control systems for general industrial processes. The unique zirconium oxide sensor in this probe provides a 10-year life expectancy. The probe is designed for measuring percent oxygen levels exclusively in NON-FLAMMABLE gases. The Model 65 is simple to mount indoors or outdoors and provides a very accurate, stable, long life, linear analog output signal over a 0-25% range. Optional output are ranges also available.

Zirconium Oxide Sensor
Zirconium Oxide Sensor

Incredible Value

The MODEL 65 is designed to be integrated into an operator’s system and function as a standalone oxygen sensor. It is virtually maintenance free, extremely accurate and stable over a wide temperature range (0-130 0 F) and immune to changes in barometric. Additionally, it uses a unique zirconium oxide sensor with a 10-year life expectancy, requiring only annual calibrations.

Perfect Percent Oxygen OEM Solution

The MODEL 65 is ideal for OEM applications measuring percent oxygen levels in inert gases, such as: gas blanketing, nitrogen/oxygen generators, refrigeration units and many others. At only 2.0” long x 2.2” in diameter (51mm x 56mm), this dependable, rugged, compact probe can virtually be mounted anywhere.

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