Analyzer Guardian

The Next Generation Of Gas Analyzer Protection

AMI’s Analyzer Guardian provides simple protection against liquids entering a Gas Analyzer. Its low maintenance design accomplishes this without the headaches of drip pots or coalescing filters.

Technical Specifications

model-4010lx dimensions
Available Configurations
Part NumberDescription
Analyzer Guardian with Regulator
Analyzer Guardian Base Design (no Regulator)
Liquid Bypass Assembly for Heavily-saturated Gas
Operational Specifications
(for Regulator Option)
1⁄2” FPT
(12.7 mm)
1⁄4” compression fittngs
(6.4 mm)
1500 psig (103 bar)0 – 25 psig (0 – 1.7 bar)3 SCFHBody: 303 Stainless Steel
Disk: 300 Series Stainless Steel
Diaphragm: PTFE

IMPORTANT (for Regulator Configurations)
The regulator on the Analyzer Guardian will exhibit the Supply Pressure Effect (SPE). This means that changes in the inlet pressure will have an inverse effect on the regulated pressure by 1.4%. For example, if the inlet pressure decreases 100 psig, the outlet regulated pressure will increase 1.4 psig.

IMPORTANT (for all Analyzer Guardian Configurations)
The Analyzer Guardian should always be used with AMI’s Demister to rapidly cool sample gas and cause liquids to condense and drain into the pipeline.

Features & Benefits

Analyzer Guardian Membrane and Deflector Disk
Analyzer Guardian Membrane and Deflector Disk

Superior Protection From Liquids

The Analyzer Guardian contains a unique membrane and stainless-steel deflector disk that allow sample gas to pass but work together as a barrier against liquids. When used in combination with AMI’s Demister, any condensed liquids, repelled by the Analyzer Guardian, easily auto drains back into the pipeline. The Guardian also ensures that no intermittent liquid slugs, produced by pigging operations, can accidentally flood the Analyzer The Analyzer Guardian creates a positive shut-off when too much liquid accumulates but will allow gas flow to resume once the liquids have been cleared.

analyzer guardian liquid bypass
Liquid bypass drain

Optional Liquid Bypass

The design of the Analyzer Guardian permits the attachment of a liquid bypass drain. This assembly allows repelled liquids to be removed with greater efficiency and is especially helpful when working with heavily saturated gas streams.

analyzer guardian regulator
Analyzer Guardian Regulator

Optional Pressure Regulator

The Analyzer Guardian can be paired with a regulator to reduce the incoming pressure to the Analyzer. This special configuration can handle gas samples with pressures as high as 1500 psig.

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