Model 201LC

Low Cost Percent Solution For General Purpose Environment

The MODEL 201LC is a compact, cost-effective solution for measuring percent oxygen without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. The 201LC is designed for general purpose, panel-mounted applications and is outfitted with a complete sample system using AMI’s patented ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK™ and ultra-fast oxygen sensor technologies. Key features include simple front panel sensor access, compact size, 4-user selectable analog output ranges, 2-independent fully adjustable oxygen concentration alarms, and an isolated 4-20ma output, and the unit is virtually maintenance-free.

Technical Specifications

Physical & Electrical Specifications
5.0 lbs
(2.3 kg)
Panel Mount
¼” 316 S.S.
316 S.S. fittings, electro-less nickel-plated cell block, gold-plated contacts, acrylic flow meter & O-rings (Viton, kalrez, and Buna-N)
90-240VAC <10W
model-201lc dimensions
Operational Specifications
0 – 10 ppm
0 – 50 ppm
0 – 100 ppm
0 – 500 ppm
0 – 1000 ppm
0 – 5000 ppm
0 – 1.0%
0 – 5.0%
0 – 10.0%
0 – 25.0%
41°F to 113°F
(5°C to 45°C)
0.1 to 5.0 SCFH
(0.05 – 2.4 Lpm)
0.5 − 100 psig
(0.03 − 6.9 bar)
Sensor & Analyzer Performance Specifications
P-2 SensorP-3 SensorP-4 Sensor90% UPSCALE RESPONSE TIMEREPEATABILITYOperational Conditions
Max Range
0 – 50%
90% upscale response:
8 sec
Special Conditions:
O2 in inert gas
Max Range
0 – 25%
90% upscale response:
30 sec
Special Conditions:
Up to 100% CO2
Max Range
0 – 100%
90% upscale response:
30 sec
Special Conditions:
Enriched Oxygen
<10 sec±1% of range or
±0.2 ppm of oxygen,
whichever is greater
Pollution degree 2, Installation category II
Analyzer Key Features
ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK™Contains a Complete Sample System with all components, including the flow meter, metering valve, pressure sensor and 3-way Selection (Sample/Span/Off) Valve, fully integrated
2 fully adjustable concentration alarms with configurable Alarm logic and Relay Contacts, featuring:
  • Alarm Bypass
ANALOG OUTPUTS4 − 20mA isolated output signals

Features & Benefits

Eliminator Cell Block with Component Call-Outs
Transparent View of ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK™


The patented ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK™ provides a unique, compact sample system approach and a flow-efficient sensor pocket machined into a solid metallic block. Precision cross-drilled intersecting gas passages eliminate the need for long lengths of tubing and leak-prone compression fittings. Additionally, we have engineered the metering valve and flow meter to be an integral part of the ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK. It also provides the user with direct front panel access for installing and replacing sensors, and the ability to air calibrate the Analyzer, all without the need for disassembly or tools.

Image of sensor rendering exploded to show individual elements
Exploded View of Sensor

Proprietary Sensor Technology

The 201LC combined with AMI’s patented oxygen sensors deliver unmatched performance for ultra-fast response times, accuracy, and reliability. Every sensor undergoes an intense battery of tests to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards. Our trace and percent oxygen sensors operate safely, accurately, and reliably in virtually all gas streams.

Model 201lc front panel
Model 201lc Front Panel

Exceptional Value

The MODEL 201LC is the perfect low-cost solution for percent O2 measurements requiring a complete sample system and limited key features. It offers the same reliability, accuracy and repeatability of other AMI analyzer while including multiple output ranges, dual independent alarms, and intuitive controls. This virtually maintenance-free oxygen analyzer is a very cost-effective option for general purpose applications.

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