Oxygen Sensors

Through years of intensive research and development AMI’s is able to offer its patented electrochemical oxygen sensor that yields an extremely rapid response, high reliability, and longer product life. AMI has also perfected proprietary manufacturing techniques that resolve many of the common problems found in other electrochemical oxygen sensors.

AMI’s oxygen sensors provide an industry-leading resistance to H2S, in concentrations up to 500 ppm. This breakthrough eliminates the need for a maintenance intensive H2S scrubber for the sample gas.

Every trace and percent oxygen sensor manufactured in our Costa Mesa, California facility undergoes a battery of performance tests, including response times, noise, drift and linearity, across multiple temperature ranges, to insure they meet our strict quality standards.

Substituting a lesser oxygen sensor in your high-performance AMI oxygen analyzer will severely degrade the performance of your analyzer was well damage the analyzer and void the warranty.

T-2 Trace Oxygen SensorT-4 Trace Oxygen SensorP-2 Percent Oxygen SensorP-3 Percent Oxygen SensorP-4 Percent Oxygen SensorP-5 Percent Oxygen Sensor
P-2 Percent
Recommended O2 Measurement Range0 - 10,000 ppm0 - 10,000 ppm0 - 50%0 - 25%0 - 100%0 - 25%
Minimum Range0 - 5 ppm0 - 5 ppm0 - 1,000 ppm0 - 1,000 ppm0 - 1.0%0 - 1,000 ppm
Sensitivity0.05 ppm0.05 ppm100 ppm100 ppm1,000 ppm100 ppm
Special Conditions<10 ppm H2S 100% CO2<500 ppm H2S 100% CO2O2 in inert gasUp to 100% CO2Enriched Oxygen<500 ppm H2S 100% CO2
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Any sensor can be used in O2 applications above its recommended operating ranges, however, it may shorten the sensor’s lifespan.

The minimum range of the sensor is dependent on the sensor as well as the AMI Analyzer it is used within.

Sensitivity is the minimum change in O2 in the gas stream that will be detected by the sensor.

Notify the factory for use in CO2 background gas above 50%. The AMI O2 Analyzer will require additional programming.

AMI’s Oxygen Sensors are provided with a new AMI Oxygen Analyzers or are available exclusively for replacing an expired sensor in an AMI analyzer.

H2S Sensors

The electrochemical sensors for AMI’s 3000RS and 3010BX trace H2S analyzers are available in two different ranges to fit your application requirements. The low range is designed for applications up to 200ppm of H2S while the high range can support installations up to 2000 ppm.

AMI’s H2S sensors are constructed as a three electrode amperometric electrochemical cell. They generate a current that is linearly proportional to the volume of H2S in the gas sample. AMI’s H2S sensors and trace analyzers are precisely designed, configured and factory verified to work together and provide safe, fast and reliable measurements in harsh applications.

Low Range H2S SensorHigh Range h2S Sensor
Sensor TypeLow RangeHigh Range
Measurement Range0 - 200 ppm0 - 2000 ppm
Minimum Range0 - 10 ppm0 - 100 ppm
Sensitivity0.1 ppm0.1 ppm

Zirconium Oxide Sensors

AMI’s zirconium oxide sensors are an extremely stable, have a very long service life, and are not affected by barometric or temperature changes. They are an excellent option for measuring percent levels of oxygen in inert atmospheres, such as the amount of oxygen in the air of an enclosed space. In this application AMI’s zirconium oxide sensor will last for many years and require minimal calibration. These sensors should not be used for measurement of oxygen in flammable gasses and are not designed for low ppm levels of oxygen.

Zirconium oxide sensors in AMI analyzers are not field replaceable. When the time comes for a new sensor in your analyzer this work can be quickly performed by our technicians at the AMI factory.

Zircoium Oxide Sensor
Sensor TypeZirconium Oxide
Measurement Range0 – 25.0%
0 – 50.0%
0 – 95.0%
depending on AMI analyzer model
Ambient Operational
Temperature Range
0°F to 130°F
(17.8°C to 54.4°C)
Sensitivity0.05% of Oxygen
Sensor Replacement at Factory OnlyRequest Service