AMI Trace O2 Analyzers Support Major Healthcare Breakthroughs Like COVID Vaccines

Almost after a year of development, major pharmaceutical companies and their partners have gained approval for a new class of vaccines against COVID. Unlike traditional vaccines that triggers an immune response inside our bodies through introducing a weakened or inactivated virus, the new class of vaccines, known as mRNA vaccines, injects genetic directions into our own cells to produce a portion of the virus to activate our immune system. Medical breakthroughs, such as the COVID vaccines, require specialized laboratory equipment that can produce precisely controlled environments that are either oxygen-free or contain only trace amounts of oxygen. Because the success of research work depends on staying within these tight ranges, Trace Oxygen Analyzers like those produced by AMI becomes a key piece of equipment inside the laboratory.

Research scientists utilize glove boxes, which are sealed containers with a controlled atmosphere, to carry out their experiment and tests. The glove boxes not only provide the proper conditions for the specimens, formulated compounds, reagents, and responses, but they also protect the workers from exposure to any hazardous materials and can carry a Class III Biosafety rating. This specific type of setup requires a unique Trace Oxygen Analyzer design that can accommodate the gas connections and pressure configurations, such as the MODEL 2001RSP available from Advanced Micro Instruments (AMI).

The AMI MODEL 2001RS/RSP is one of the most advanced Trace Oxygen Analyzers, designed for this type of laboratory environment. It utilizes electrochemical sensor technology to monitor the oxygen levels inside the glove box and can detect changes as small as 0.05PPM of O2. The Analyzer comes equipped with two fully adjustable concentration alarms with relay contacts as well as a 4-20 mA output, allowing researchers to customize the settings to the exact needs of their application. The design of the MODEL 2001RS/RSP also includes specially designed seal-off solenoid valves that can be engaged to isolate the oxygen sensor when the glove box is not in use. This extends the working life of the sensor and keeps it from expiring prematurely. The RS configuration is intended for glove boxes that require positive pressure, while the RSP is used for atmospheric pressure or vacuum environments.

Major medical breakthroughs are made possible by the tireless efforts of the scientific community. AMI is proud that its oxygen analyzers play a small but important role in this critical work.