Trace Oxygen Analyzer Calibration

Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc. (AMI) has released a new video on how to properly perform a gas calibration and sensor installation on an AMI Trace Oxygen Analyzer. The first portion of the video will educate viewers on how to calibrate an Analyzer with a tank of span gas as well as how to correctly perform a ‘block and bleed’ to remove residual trapped gas or oxygen from the regulator. The second portion will show the proper steps to install or replace an oxygen sensor in the Analyzer.

Though a routine calibration can sound like an easy activity, there are critical steps that must be performed properly, sometimes in a particular order. Failure to do so could prolong the procedure or, worse, result in a bad calibration that ultimately affects the subsequent accuracy or reliability of the Analyzer’s readings.

The first portion of the video shows the necessary steps for a successful calibration. This includes identifying all the necessary components and tools and showing all the steps in the right order. Useful tips are also mentioned to help the viewer complete the process and avoid mistakes that could void the Analyzer’s warranty.

The ‘block and bleed’ section of the video is one of the most critical. Whenever an operator attaches a regulator to a new tank of span tank, residual amounts of previous gas or oxygen are usually trapped inside the regulator. If not removed or purged prior to the calibration, these residual levels will mix with the span gas and skew the results, sometimes resulting in a complete error of the calibration. This happens more often than people realize and can cause the Analyzer to produce faulty readings until the unit is recalibrated. The ‘block and bleed’ section of the video will go over the proper steps to purge and remove any residual gas or oxygen from the regulator before the calibration procedure begins. This will ensure that the calibration of the Analyzer is accurate and can be trusted.

The last portion shows how to quickly install or replace an oxygen sensor in an AMI Trace Oxygen Analyzer in under 15 seconds. The unique design of the ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK makes this possible, which minimizes the come down time of the oxygen sensor to help the Analyzer get back to quickly resume its measurement operation.

The video is now available for viewing and download on the AMI website.

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