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Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc. delivers superior quality gas analyzers and gas sensors with exceptional services at a lower price. Typically our price is 1/3 less than our competitor's.

AMI manufactures a complete line of both Percent (%) Oxygen Analyzers and (PPM) Trace Oxygen Analyzers and Oxygen Sensors using innovative patented designs.

Our newly released Trace Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer, The Model 3010BR, is a state-of-the-art, virtually maintenance free H2S analyzer that is compact, rugged and simple to use. It has been designed to meet all your requirements for measuring ppm levels of H2S in harsh flammable gas streams.

AMI analyzers are outfitted with a comprehensive state-of-the-art electronics and complete sample handling package using our patented cellblock technology.

Standard electronics features include:

  • Cutting edge microprocessor based electronics
  • Wide measurement range, high-resolution 3 ½ digit LCD. Operates independently of the analog output selection.
  • 10-User selectable analog output ranges for trace O2 models, 4 for percent O2 and 3 analog output ranges for trace H2S analyzers.
    The user selection of an output range simultaneously controls both alarm functions, the analog output and the data logger so that all 4 functions operate on the same measurement range.
  • 2 independent, fully adjustable alarm settings with relay contact closures
  • Programmable alarm delays
  • Alarm bypass button
  • Data logger
  • Cal Factor - indicates remaining O2 sensor life
  • User selectable security settings
  • Isolated analog outputs
  • Simple intuitive front panel user interface
  • Advanced user settings are accessible using an RS-232 port

AMI's patented cellblock begins with a single compact metallic block that undergoes a complex machining process, followed with corrosion-resistant nickel plating. The block contains a series of drilled intersecting gas passages and mounted directly on it are: a custom designed flow control valve, 3-way selector valve (for sample/span/shut off control), flow meter and 3 gas connection fittings. All become an integral part of the cellblock.

This eliminates the techniques used by competitors of piecing several lengths of tubing between numerous compression fittings, valving and a flow meter. In using this approach, they add many potential leak paths, increase response times, need additional space and additional employee labor.

Lastly, our front panel sensor access makes oxygen analyzer or H2S sensor installation or replacement quick and easy without tools or the need to remove any sensitive components. This process takes less than one minute!

Our analyzers are available in portable and permanent mount versions. We produce a complete line of oxygen analyzers that measure oxygen from 0.00ppm through 100% in a gas stream as well as an outstanding room air oxygen analyzer, also known as an "Oxygen Deficiency Monitor".

The hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas analyzers include measurement ranges from 0-2000ppm.

We manufacture over 27 different types of gas analyzers and are considered industry leaders in all areas that we currently compete in.

Our product offering meets area classification requirements ranging from general purpose to Class I, Div. I, Groups B, C, D.

Advanced Micro Instruments also manufactures a complete line of exceptional performance electrochemical Oxygen Sensors for percent and trace measurements.

Our sensors are oxygen analyzer specific, providing a zero output in the absence of oxygen, extremely linear and have unrivaled up/down scale response times. Typical time from a 1 minute air exposure to less than 10ppm oxygen is <15 minutes.

When your sample stream requires it, we can provide one of our H2S resistant oxygen sensors (up to 500ppm H2S exposure for its warranted life) to meet your needs. This advanced sensor technology eliminates the need for maintenance intensive H2S scrubbers.

AMI operates at Internet speed while still offering old-fashioned service. Call, fax, or email us to communicate directly with an experienced professional application or design engineer. Regardless if it's an Oxygen Analyzer or Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer you seek, we can provide solutions to your problems.

Virtually all our products are in stock for immediate delivery and are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

Come experience the AMI difference.

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