Laboratory Research Industry

Chemical, biotech and research laboratories perform a wide range of applications and tests. Many of these can be impacted by the presence or absence of oxygen, and, thus, require the use of oxygen analysis to measure or monitor oxygen levels.

There are applications and tests that require keeping oxygen at a predetermined level or within a predetermined range so as not to invalidate the results. For example, many procedures require the use of a glove box to maintain a controlled environment. But it is not always understood that oxygen at ambient pressure can diffuse through the pressurized plastic tubing or rubber gloves of the glove box due to Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures. The unknowing introduction of oxygen may contaminate the research, skew the results and cause the laboratory to incur unnecessary costs to redo the experiment or test.

Some applications require introducing a defined amount or level of oxygen, as written in the Materials & Methods section, through a pressurized gas stream. Given the current norm that the research staff is completely dependent on the manufacturer’s certification of the gas tank, no checks are being performed to verify that those oxygen values are accurate prior to being introduced into the experiment – something that may prove costly if those values are not correct.

Additionally, laboratories need to monitor the oxygen levels of the working environment within their facilities to protect their personnel. This is mostly due to having large stores of inert gas tanks and vessels onsite to support their scientific research. This inadvertently introduces risk that these tanks or vessels may be improperly secured, and, if a leak develops, the inert gas in any of these containers will quickly displace the level of oxygen in the surrounding areas and, unbeknownst to the research staff, immediately create an unsafe and dangerous environment.

AMI offers a complete line of high-performance, industry-leading oxygen analyzers to address each one of these important situations and concerns. Our PPM oxygen analyzers can accurately and reliably detect oxygen levels as low as 0.05ppm to meet your needs for precise trace measurements. Our % oxygen analyzers will help you validate and verify that your higher oxygen concentrations inside controlled environments are within specifications. And last, our oxygen deficiency monitors utilize zirconium-oxide-based technology to help protect your research staff from a dangerous situation if there is a sudden and unexpected drop in the oxygen level inside their working environment. Click on any of the following links to learn more about our products and see how we are a complete solution provider of oxygen analysis.

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