Electronics Industry

Incredible advances in micro-miniaturization of electronic components, integrated circuits and microprocessors have benefited our world and will continue to produce new solutions and conveniences. These advances have resulted in extraordinary innovations, such as very powerful, compact computers, cell phones and various telecommunications devices. And these devices, though inconceivable just a few decades ago, are now common place worldwide.

The production of electronics requires the use of high purity gases. High purity oxygen, nitrogen and argon play an important part in semiconductor fabrication and are sourced from air separation companies. Impurities even at the smallest amounts of ppb oxygen, ppm oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons, cannot be tolerated in the manufacturing process. And though air separation companies utilize cryogenic distillation to produce their ultra-high purity gases, it is still pragmatic for electronics and electronic parts manufacturers to check and verify the purity of the gas tanks that they receive prior to releasing them into production.

AMI offers a complete line of innovative, high-performance oxygen analyzers to help you protect your manufacturing and fabrication processes from impurities. We have specific models for trace oxygen measurements and % oxygen analysis, and they contain our patented Eliminator Cell Block™ to ensure the highest levels of measurement accuracy and reliability. Our analyzers, when used together with our oxygen sensors (built with Bullet Sensor Technology™) can measure to oxygen levels as low as 0.05ppm or as high as 100% in a gas stream. Additionally, our state-of-the-art Command Center Electronics Platform™ comes as a standard option and provides users with a multitude of advancements, including but not limited to:

  • fully programmable alarm logic with relay contacts
  • data logging of oxygen measurements, temperature and power supply voltage readings
  • calibration, power failure and brownout history
  • complete ModBus RTU supported over RS485.

You will find that our trace and % oxygen measurement solutions set the bar for the industry and will help safeguard your manufacturing and fabrication processes.

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