Air Separation Industry

The production of pure gases can be achieved through air separation. The process first involves cooling atmospheric air until it liquefies and then selectively distilling its components at their respective boiling points.

An air separation plant will produce enormous volumes of high purity gases, typically nitrogen, oxygen, argon and sometimes other inert gases, and supply them to important industries. Different factories use different air separation techniques as part of their commercial production run. Cryogenic distillation is the most common method as evident by the number of cryogenic air separation units (ASUs) operating to produce nitrogen, oxygen or argon. Other methods, such as membrane technology, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA), are utilized when the goal is to separate a single gas from ordinary air.

Once gases are separated from air, they are analyzed for impurities, which then need to be removed if present. Oxygen is considered an impurity in the production of high purity gases, and even trace amounts can prevent air separation companies from releasing their products to customers. That is why oxygen analysis with a strong emphasis on measuring trace oxygen accurately and reliably in the range of ppm or even ppb plays such a critical role.

The accuracy and reliability of any trace measurements can be tied directly to how well an analyzer is designed and engineered. AMI Trace Oxygen Analyzers outperform other units on the market because they contain and employ the industry’s most advanced technologies, including our patented Eliminator Cell Block™, Bullet Sensor Technology™ and Command Center Electronics Platform™ to meet the challenging requirements of separation applications. We offer PPM O2 analyzers in both permanent mount and portable configurations that guarantee to measure oxygen levels as low as 0.05ppm accurately and consistently.

If your production application demands performance and reliability, you will find that our trace oxygen measurement solutions set the bar for the industry. So contact us today and experience the difference!!

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