Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry uses some of the most advanced technologies in the world in their turbines and engines. Because these turbines and engines are expected to operate and perform at the highest levels, companies in the aerospace industry employ special crews to perform regularly scheduled service and maintenance. But before any work can begin, the crew members must carry out a process called nitrogen flushing to effectively bring the concentration of oxygen in the air down to a safe level. This significantly decreases the risk of fire and explosion and protects the crew from any unnecessary harm.

Percent oxygen analyzers provide an important function when nitrogen flushing is being performed. They measure the concentration of oxygen and provide that information to the crew during the entire process, which allows the crew to control and adjust the amount of nitrogen being injected into the area. This makes the task of reaching the target concentration level of oxygen easier so that service and maintenance work can safely begin.

Having reliable % O2 measurements that can be quickly read and delivered is essential for any company in aerospace that employs nitrogen flushing. It is important to understand that the reliability of those measurements and the response time of the oxygen analyzer are strongly depended on the design of the analyzer, the technology that it employs and the performance of the oxygen sensor. Companies looking for a high-performance % oxygen analyzer for their aerospace applications will find that the units offered by AMI will not only meet their expectations but exceed them. Our percent oxygen analyzers are built around our IP-protected Eliminator Cell Block™ and utilize oxygen sensors manufactured with Bullet Sensor Technology™ for superior performance and unmatched reliability. Our units are available in both permanent mount and portable configurations, and are compact and extremely rugged for use in some of the harshest environments. Several of our models have CSA approvals meeting: Class 1, Div. 1 Groups B,C,D requirements in a flammable gas stream.

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