Fracking: Ecomonic Boom or Safety

Fracking: Economic Boom or Safety Bust?

The topic of fracking has been a hot button issue in the news over the last few years. With documentaries such as Gasland and celebrities publicizing inaccurate information and fears, we decided it was important to make an infographic that expands on the topic and gives real facts about fracking.

Facts and Statistics about Fracking

Fracking: Ecomonic Boom or Safety Bust explains the process of fracking in an easy to read and understand way that outlines why it is a necessary source of energy for the country. For instance, did you know that fracking will eventually account for 70% of the natural gas production in the US? Without it, we could lose up to 45% of our natural gas production in the next five years.

Dispelling Myths

When any new process is introduced, there is inevitably fear and scare tactics used to disrupt it. With this graphic, we aim to show research supported data and facts that will dispel many of the myths in the media. The infographic shows quotes and misconceptions from some prominent celebrity detractors such as Mark Ruffalo, Debra Winger, and Robert Redford, and provides rebuttals to their claims. We hope that you enjoy this graphic and learn something from it that may change your position on the issue. Please share it on social networks and feel free to use it on your site using the provided embed codes.

Thank you for reading Fracking: Economic Boom or Safety Bust, by AMI02, a leading manufacturer of oxygen analyzers.