O2 Meter

O2 Meter

At AMI, we can provide you with an O2 meter that is designed for whichever industry-specific application you most often perform. We do not carry cookie cutter instruments that supposedly work in all situations, because often they do not provide you with the level of safety and performance that you need. While we do have O2 meters for general use, we also have trace and percentage analyzers that can be used in Class I, Div I, and B, C, and D Group applications.

O2 Meter, Oxygen Meters

Our wide range of trace O2 meters can be found in portable, panel-mount, and wall-mount designs. Our wall-mount complete sample system actually provides you with broad monitoring capabilities in a range of applications. Its microprocessor-based electronics are state-of-the-art, and provide you with accurate, detailed reads. We also carry percent O2 meters that feature the same microprocessor-based electronics system.

All of our products, regardless of their electronics configurations, are durable, responsive, and highly effective throughout an extended lifespan. They are also designed for easy calibration, and the ultimate level of safety. Measurements remain linear at all times, so reads are easy and accurate.

At AMI, our commitment to oxygen analysis has made us leaders in the field. Our instruments and our service are designed to help you meet all of your monitoring and analyzing needs. We work with you to ensure that you have the appropriate instruments for a specific application. We are even able to provide custom instruments for some of our volume clients. Apply for an online quote at amio2.com or contact us at 714-848-5533 to speak with one of our expert support staff.